Weikeng Chen at McLaughlin Hall in 2017 

Weikeng Chen [CV] [Github]

Ph.D. Student in Security, Co-head TA for CS161 (with Keyhan Vakil).

Computer Science, EECS, UC Berkeley

Email: weikeng@eecs.berkeley.edu

Room: 795 Soda Hall (Availability)

Calendar: Google Calendar


I focus on applied cryptography and systems security.


I received my B.S. with honors from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 2017.


I am a student in RISELab. My advisor is Raluca Ada Popa.

Pronunciation of the name

If you live near Soda Hall, Weikeng is pronounced Brewed Awakening, a café nearby.

Formally, Weikeng's IPA is /ˈweɪ kən/, WAY-K-EARN; Wei is pronounced wake. Keng is pronounced woken. You can find the sound here.